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Looking at the great turmoil in the world with people across the world speaking out about the faults in their economies and the actions of their governments, their media, their police, their armies. It is feeling like in most systems where there are power relations that some of the people without a fair share of power are seeing abuses by those that hold power and are raising their voices against those abuses. I think this is a very important thing to do, we shouldn’t sit in silence and allow these things to happen thinking there is nothing we can do about it. We should raise are voices against these injustices and begin to act to correct these injustices. As individuals we may often not have the power to do this but by acting with others we increase our power -the more people we act together with the more power we have.




An issue that is often on my mind is the system we use to govern our access to land. Much land, Id hazard a guess that it is the majority of land, is privately owned and managed to provide value to its private owners. Often this is by producing things from the natural resources that are found on the land. Its clear that all physical things are made from resources that are part of that land (especially if you include air and water as ‘land’).


Often these products are sold for money in the market economy. The land owner often gains part of the money from the sale of the goods either directly or through allowing another who produces from and/or on the land to use their land and charge a fee for its use. By offering the land for rent the value that can be gained from its use is generally assigned by the operation a rental market.


Generally our relationship with the land and physical objects involves market economies somewhere in their chain.


To me this feels bizarre. Why should someone profit from a the resources of the planet when nobody made the planet people just claimed or stole parts of it and then acted within markets to gain personal value at the expense of those who do not own similar resources? Why should the division of the resources that original belonged to no one be governed by a ridiculously complicated system of competition (market)?


Why do many/most humans organise much of their lives in a system of competition? Especially when for the great majority that system is heavily loaded against them? Many of us have probably never directly asked this question.


I personally prefer co-operating rather than competing – especially when it comes to the things in life that are really important – like my food, my home, my fuel.


I think that people should act together to reclaim their share of the value of land. People all over the world are doing this. I think many more people should. I’ve decided that its one of the most important things to me and have decided to spend a large part of my time acting to reclaim my share of the value of the land and I want to do this with other people in co-operation not competition so we can all gain a common benefit. I also want to encourage other people to reclaim their fair share. I want to talk to people about how to do this I’ve got lots of ideas, I guess many other people have too.


Do you want to talk about this?





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